APWLD | 11-sep-2018
“We call on our governments to either address the real reasons why ISDS is fundamentally flawed or to abandon its ‘reform’ agenda that is designed to reinforce and re-legitimise a self-serving investment dispute system.”
TeleSur | 10-sep-2018
Ecuador will be forced to pay economic reparations to the oil giant. The over 30,000 affected people in the Amazon haven’t received any compensation.
Business Standard | 10-sep-2018
In a bid to fast-track the deal, most nations have agreed to ease the investor-state-dispute settlement (ISDS) clauses.
CDES | 10-sep-2018
The signatories of this letter wish to express their rejection of this decision and their support for the people of Ecuador and the organizations that have defended the communities affected by Chevron Texaco.
Business Wire | 7-sep-2018
Ecuador found liable for violating international law, supporting fraud and corruption.
Reuters | 5-sep-2018
A US arbitration court has rejected a German government petition that said the panel had no right to rule on a damages claim by Sweden’s Vattenfall. Berlin cited a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union.
Financial Express | 5-sep-2018
New Delhi won’t not take additional commitment on intellectual property rights beyond the TRIPS agreement it has already accepted at the WTO ; investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism only for limited sectors.
IISD | 5-sep-2018
The proposed instrument is of little benefit to states on either account and it is overly intrusive into government administrative processes.
Korea Herald | 4-sep-2018
Lawyers claim investor-state dispute settlement should be abolished in FTA as in NAFTA.

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