Boston College Law School | 8-jui-2018
The high costs and potentially high damages characteristic of ISDS cases have made it a new and highly attractive market for third-party funding.
Business Korea | 8-jui-2018
The Korean government was ordered to pay about 73 billion won to an Iranian investor who filed an investor-state lawsuit, claiming that he suffered losses in the process of participating in an auction for Daewoo Electronics in 2010. | 7-jui-2018
Gabriel Resources will have to wait until late 2019 to find out whether Romania will have to pay it $4.4 billion in alleged losses related to the company’s Rosia Montana gold and silver project.
Pulse | 7-jui-2018
The South Korean government and Elliott Management next week will enter negotiation for an out-of-court settlement over the U.S. activist fund’s $670 million damage claim for the former administration’s interference in the 2015 merger between Samsung units.
EJIL : Talk ! | 5-jui-2018
What are states’ concerns about investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) ? To help answer that question, we have put together four posts that compile the most relevant quotes from the first two meetings of the UNCITRAL Working Group sessions.
AFTINET | 4-jui-2018
Veolia has finally lost its claim against Egypt over a waste management contract dispute in which they claimed compensation for an increase in the minimum wage under a new labour law.
The Guardian | 1er-jui-2018
The logic to Trudeau’s action may lie in an obscure and overlooked 2014 agreement to ensure China got a pipeline built
Info Justice | 31-mai-2018
Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) poses significant challenges in respect of tobacco control, public health, human rights, and sustainable development.
Lexology | 31-mai-2018
The Netherlands has released a new draft investment treaty for public comment.
Transnational Dispute Management | 31-mai-2018
There is a manifest need for the international arbitration community to begin to develop a shared understanding of the scope of the threat and the appropriate response.

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