The platform

The ISDS platform is a resource tool about the controversial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism in trade and investment agreements. It aims to provide the latest news, campaign tools and critical analysis to groups engaged in defeating ISDS.

The idea of creating an online repository with campaign and analysis material arose from a 2014 investment campaigning meeting in Istanbul. There, the compilation of all available ISDS resources was seen as a next step to reach out to new constituencies.

Building on their experience and expertise, several organizations volunteered to develop and pull together area-specific campaign material to lead outreach efforts and involve various sectors in the campaign against ISDS.

Because of its coverage of trade and investment issues, was asked to host the project. Established in 2004, is a collaborative website gathering information and analysis about bilateral trade and investment agreements around the world. Much of the material on the ISDS platform draws from articles published on

The platform is an open and collaborative project. You can get involved by submitting materials, taking responsibility for any section, helping with translations or any other way you would like. Please contact the platform coordination here.