Romania-Insider | 27-May-2024
Eurohold Bulgaria AD and Euroins Insurance Group AD said they have officially filed a request for arbitration against the government of Romania at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes in Washington, DC.
Euractiv | 27-May-2024
La compagnie d’assurance bulgare Euroins Insurance Group (EIG) et sa société mère Eurohold ont officiellement déposé une demande d’arbitrage de 500 millions d’euros contre le gouvernement roumain.
Business Wire | 26-Jan-2024
Nexo AG et ses filiales ont déposé une demande d’arbitrage devant le CIRDI pour plus de 3 milliards de dollars contre la République de Bulgarie pour des dommages et des pertes d’opportunités.
Novinite | 22-Jan-2024
Cryptocurrency-based financial services company Nexo has filed a case against Bulgaria in an international arbitration court in the USA.
Reuters | 19-Apr-2019
Oman’s sovereign wealth fund has withdrawn an 80 million euro claim against Bulgaria over the collapse of Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank), the Bulgarian finance ministry said.
SeeNews | 11-Apr-2019
EVN and Bulgaria reached an out-of-court settlement, under which part of the claims regarding the remuneration obligations for renewable energy were offset between a Bulgarian EVN subsidiary and the Bulgarian state-owned National Electricity Company.
Reuters | 29-Jul-2016
Czech utility CEZ has launched arbitration seeking hundreds of millions of euros from Bulgaria for failure to protect its energy investments