investor-state disputes | ISDS

Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) refers to a way of handling conflicts under international investment agreements whereby companies from one party are allowed to sue the government of another party. This means they can file a complaint and seek compensation for damages. Many BITs and investment chapters of FTAs allow for this if the investor’s expectation of a profit has been negatively affected by some action that the host government took, such as changing a policy. The dispute is normally handled not in a public court but through a private abritration panel. The usual venues where these proceedings take place are the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (World Bank), the International Chamber of Commerce, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law or the International Court of Justice.

ISDS is a hot topic right now because it is being challenged very strongly by concerned citizens in the context of the EU-US TTIP negotiations, the TransPacific Partnership talks and the CETA deal between Canada and the EU.

EFE | 4-Dec-2023
La empresa canadiense First Quantum Minerals (FQM) y su filial Minera Panamá SA (MPSA) informaron este viernes que iniciaron un proceso ante la Corte Internacional de Arbitraje, después de que la Corte Suprema panameña declaró esta semana inconstitucional el contrato mediante el cual explotan en este país la mayor mina de cobre a cielo abierto de Centroamérica. & GRAIN | 4-Dec-2023
¿Qué significa para las personas africanas comunes este acuerdo comercial en un momento de profundas crisis climática, económica y alimentaria?
Reuters | 4-Dec-2023
The Canadian company said its local unit had started arbitration before the International Court of Arbitration to protect its rights under the 2023 concession.
Zone Bourse | 4-Dec-2023
First Quantum a déclaré que son unité avait entamé une procédure d’arbitrage devant la Cour internationale d’arbitrage afin de protéger ses droits dans le cadre de l’accord de concession de 2023 que le gouvernement du Panama a accepté au début de l’année.
Dawn | 4-Dec-2023
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have reached a consensus on the investment modalities, paving the path for the ratification of a much-awaited free trade agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council.
CCSI | 1-Dec-2023
Terminating investment treaties and withdrawing advance consent to ISDS would allow governments to clear the path from problematic treaties centered on investment protection and ISDS, which in practice benefit unsustainable investment.
Project Syndicate | 1-Dec-2023
The ongoing lawsuit brought against Honduras by an American company underscores the unjust and undemocratic nature of the investor-state dispute settlement system.
Business Recorder | 30-Nov-2023
These directions were issued after threadbare discussion with Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are insisting on the option of international arbitration in a template of Bilateral Investment Treaty.
The Australia Institute | 30-Nov-2023
Clive Palmer’s controversial legal strategies challenge Australia’s trade agreements and environmental laws, and have profound implications for global climate action.
IIED | 30-Nov-2023
To achieve the Paris Agreement’s climate goals, states must move away from fossil fuels. But investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS) — a system that enables companies to take states to international arbitration — can increase the cost of this transition.