The Monitor | 19-Jul-2024
The welcome decision shines a light on Canada’s flawed defence in similar investor-state case against Canada.
The Jordan Times | 18-Jul-2024
Imagine a scenario where a private company effectively creates and controls its own jurisdiction within a sovereign country. This company introduces its own currency, enacts laws, and establishes courts, prisons, police forces and even intelligence services.
Public Citizen | 17-Jul-2024
The World Bank has dismissed Canadian oil company TC Energy’s $15 billion ISDS case against the US sought due to lack of jurisdiction.
Les Affaires | 17-Jul-2024
TC Énergie et son projet d’oléoduc Keystone XL ont subi un coup dur après une décision du tribunal qui a rejeté sa demande de réclamation de 15 milliards de dollars américains en dommages et intérêts.
The Korea Herald | 12-Jul-2024
South Korea has filed an appeal against a ruling by a Hague-based arbitration court ordering it to pay $32 million to a US hedge fund to compensate for its intervention in the merger of two Samsung affiliates in 2015.
Havana Times | 8-Jul-2024
The US company is appealing under CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) for the invasion of its property in Jinotega and the destruction of its avocado and other orchards.
Confidencial | 5-Jul-2024
Empresa estadounidense reclama al amparo del CAFTA por la invasión de propiedad en Jinotega, y destrucción de su plantación de aguacates.
Public Citizen | 11-Jun-2024
How Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) harms indigenous communities.
Counter Punch | 11-Jun-2024
There is an obscure mechanism by which fossil fuel companies maintain their global domination even as their products are destroying our futures.
Sierra Club | 3-Jun-2024
Report urges elimination of ISDS Provisions, calls for stronger trade policies to protect climate.