Public Citizen | 11-Jun-2024
How Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) harms indigenous communities.
Counter Punch | 11-Jun-2024
There is an obscure mechanism by which fossil fuel companies maintain their global domination even as their products are destroying our futures.
Sierra Club | 3-Jun-2024
Report urges elimination of ISDS Provisions, calls for stronger trade policies to protect climate.
Infobae | 24-May-2024
El Centro Internacional de Arreglo de Diferencias Relativas a Inversiones desestimó los reclamos de la empresa estadounidense referidas a regalías mineras. | 20-May-2024
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) ruled in favour of Peru in a decade-long dispute with gold dealer Kaloti Metals & Logistics, LLC.
Public Citizen | 3-May-2024
For half a century, the ISDS system has allowed multinational corporations to run off with billions of taxpayers dollars while allowing them to undermine environmental standards, public health protections, financial regulations, and other sound policies throughout the world.
El Faro | 26-Apr-2024
Honduras’ withdrawal from the World Bank investor dispute forum could have a limited practical effect, but it is already read along ideological lines.
Public Citizen | 16-Apr-2024
Como profesores de derecho y de economía de los EE. UU. profundamente comprometidos con el estado de derecho y el bienestar económico tanto a nivel nacional como global, aplaudimos su oposición expresa al sistema de solución de controversias inversionista-Estado (ISDS por sus siglas en inglés) y lo instamos encarecidamente a eliminar las disposiciones ISDS de los acuerdos comerciales y de inversión existentes en los EE. UU.
| 15-Apr-2024
As US law professors and economics professors deeply committed to the rule of law and economic well-being both domestically and globally, we strongly urge you to remove ISDS provisions from existing US trade and investment agreements.
Yonhap | 12-Apr-2024
An international tribunal ordered South Korea to pay 43.8 billion won (US$32 million) in compensation to US-based hedge fund Mason Capital in an investor-state suit the company filed over a controversial 2015 merger of two Samsung affiliates