reformed ISDS
EJIL:Talk! | 12-Apr-2024
A documentary film offers a powerful illustration of the ways in which ISDS can impact third parties, exacerbate inequalities, and reinforce power imbalances.
Business Standard | 9-Apr-2024
India’s Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has asked the commerce ministry to examine the model text of the bilateral investment treaty and suggest modifications to further improve the ease of doing business.
IISD | 4-Apr-2024
La propuesta de una excepción surge como una medida específica de control de daños, para abordar el problema reconocido y urgente que supone ISDS para la acción climática.
IISD | 3-Apr-2024
La proposition d’exclusion apparaît comme une mesure ciblée pour limiter les dégâts et répondre au problème reconnu et urgent que l’ISDS pose à l’action climatique.
Linklaters | 27-Mar-2024
Although a universal and uniform framework regulating arbitrators’ conduct is useful, its impact may be limited due to limited implementation prospects and the absence of punitive measures.
Pressenza | 25-Mar-2024
Existen políticas de atracción de inversión extranjera exitosas que varios Estados receptores de grandes flujos de inversión extranjera han sabido elaborar, manteniendo una distancia prudente con el mecanismo establecido por el CIADI.
IISD | 12-Mar-2024
The proposal of a carveout emerges as a targeted damage control measure to address the recognized and urgent problem that ISDS poses to climate action.
AFTINET | 23-Jan-2024
Pakistan’s previous policy, initiated in 2021, sought to terminate its bilateral investment treaties to avoid further ISDS cases by international investors.
The News | 17-Jan-2024
Pakistan has negotiated to include a graduated approach for settlement of investment disputes between the state and investors.
IISD | 15-Jan-2024
In September 2023, the European Commission has unveiled a non-paper presenting model clauses for BITs between EU member states and third countries.