reformed ISDS
Friends of the Earth Europe | 28-Nov-2017
Ten reasons why the EU’s proposal for a Multilateral Investment Court doesn’t fix a fundamentally flawed system.
Tech Dirt | 21-Nov-2017
The MIC would be able to create what amount to global laws, without any democratic input or scrutiny.
Friends of the Earth Europe | 16-Nov-2017
English translation of the German Association of Judges opinion on the proposal for the Multilateral Investment Court system (MIC).
IELP Blog | 13-Nov-2017
New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is on the record as stating that investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) must not be a part of any future trade agreements signed by New Zealand.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 7-Nov-2017
2018 seems a crucial year for both opponents and proponents of investor-state arbitration to make their respective cases to maintain, reform, or abandon today’s ISDS system.
Newsroom | 3-Nov-2017
The Government is enlisting its ambassadors in a last-minute bid to win changes to the TPP’s controversial investment clauses, Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker says.
The Hindu | 30-Oct-2017
Hit by disputes with Vodafone and Cairn Energy, India welcomes plan for a World Court but flags legal, practical challenges.
Gauchebdo | 27-Oct-2017
Le système de règlement des différends investisseurs-Etats, qui permet aux entreprises d’attaquer les Etats étrangers lorsque ceux-ci prennent des décisions contraires à leurs intérêts, est de plus en plus sollicité. Il est aussi fortement contesté, en particulier au Sud.
CNCD 11.11.11 | 24-Oct-2017
Notre principale préoccupation est d’éviter que le Tribunal multilatéral des investissements ne renforce un système international déjà déséquilibré en faveur des firmes transnationales.
Politics Web | 23-Oct-2017
The Protection of Investment Act affords foreign investors no protections beyond domestic law, and pointedly disavows investor-state international arbitration. The SADC Protocol was also amended by the SADC Summit of heads of state and government.

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