Romania-Insider | 24-Apr-2024
Earlier this year, ICSID dismissed the claims of Gabriel Resources in the Roșia Montană case. The court also obliged the companies to pay Romania the costs of the lawsuit, as well as interest.
Spotmedia | 8-Apr-2024
Romania has placed a lien on over 80% of the shareholding held by Gabriel Resources in Roșia Montană Gold Corporation to recover its $10 million arbitration costs incurred over a 9-year process in Washington.
Radio-Canada | 11-Mar-2024
Une compagnie minière canadienne a perdu une procédure d’arbitrage contre la Roumanie, qui avait bloqué son projet d’exploitation d’une mine d’or sur un site désormais inscrit sur la liste du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, a annoncé Bucarest.
ABC News | 11-Mar-2024
The Romanian government has won a years long legal dispute with a Canadian mining company seeking damages over failed plans to open a gold and silver mine in the Eastern European country.
The Guardian | 13-Feb-2024
Investor-State Dispute Settlements are legal, huge and often hush-hush – and fossil fuel firms and others are using them to hold the planet to ransom.
Euractiv | 12-Feb-2024
The European Commission and Canada have agreed on the “interpretation” of parts of their trade agreement that relate to investor protection from environmental regulation, in a push by Brussels to persuade member states to ratify the bilateral multibillion-euro deal.
The Guardian | 1-Feb-2024
Local fishers helped halt underwater mining off Baja California’s coast in 2018. But then an obscure international legal process was put into motion.
Truthdig | 23-Jan-2024
In Colombia, lawsuits by foreign corporations are obstructing a fossil fuel phase-out at the expense of the indigenous Wayúu community.
Canada’s National Observer | 9-Jan-2024
The battle between a Canadian mining company and Panama over one of the richest copper-gold mines in the Americas is headed to international arbitration – exposing Canada’s double standard when it comes to promoting free trade in the Global South.
AFTINET | 9-Jan-2024
Panama is facing at least three Investor-State Dispute Settlement cases from mining investors who claim that their investments have been affected by the decision.