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Le Monde | 18-Nov-2022
Les institutions et les règles qui organisent la mondialisation constituent un obstacle majeur à la mise en place de toute mesure efficace de protection de l’environnement et de réponse à l’urgence climatique.
Farrer & Co | 16-Nov-2022
This article summarises the legal protections which may be available to investors in times of armed conflict under investment treaty arbitration.
Reuters | 14-Nov-2022
The report suggests that progress on IIA reform is critical to enable countries to address the challenges of climate change.
CCSI | 3-Nov-2022
Un régime d’investissement international entièrement inédit, conçu dans l’optique du climat et d’autres objectifs mondiaux, pourrait servir d’outil pour accélérer les investissements nécessaires à la résolution de la crise climatique.
CCSI | 3-Nov-2022
A wholly new international investment regime designed with climate and other global goals in mind could be used as a tool to accelerate the investments needed to address the climate crisis.
Taylor & Francis Online | 20-Oct-2022
Why do governments include ISDS in investment treaties despite scant evidence of its economic benefits and clearer info about its costs?
The Guardian | 12-Oct-2022
Transform Trade charity says British-based companies are among main bringers of cases based on bilateral investment treaties.
The Express Tribune | 11-Oct-2022
Pakistani government decides to avoid future investment treaties and cancels agreements posing legal risks.
TNI | 3-Oct-2022
This report sheds light on Nigeria’s investment protection regime and its consequences for one of Africa’s biggest countries.
UNCTAD | 7-Sep-2022
Reforms are essential to ensure investment treaties and associated investor-state disputes don’t hinder countries’ efforts to tackle climate change.

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