National Post | 15-nov-2017
Ottawa filed a lawsuit against the owners of a broken rail line in northern Manitoba hours after the company said it would file a complaint against the federal government under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Digital Journal | 9-nov-2017
To date, the Republic has not complied with the order and the Company is considering various options for enforcement of the award.
Project Syndicate | 9-nov-2017
Much of the problem can be traced to bilateral investment treaties and investment rules embedded within broader trade pacts.
Alternatives Economiques | 9-nov-2017
Plusieurs modifications indispensables auraient dû être apportées au CETA pour le rendre climato-compatible.
Blastingnews | 31-oct-2017
El CETA es eso que han aprobado mientras os contaban lo malos que son en Venezuela y Cataluña
No al TTIP | 31-oct-2017
Desde la Campaña No al TTIP queremos expresar nuevamente nuestro rechazo tanto a la ratificación de este tratado por parte del Senado español como a su aplicación provisional.
News Now | 27-oct-2017
The arrest of and investigation into former economy minister Pavol Rusko could have an international dimension for Slovakia, as EuroGas wants to make use of the situation in order to renew arbitration proceedings against Slovakia.
Lexology | 20-oct-2017
The key issue in the case concerned the proper interpretation of the dispute resolution provision in the 2003 Investment Law, which was the basis for jurisdiction.
NY Times | 18-oct-2017
This far-flung peninsula in the North Atlantic seems an unlikely place for an international trade dispute. But an American company’s scuttled plans to build a quarry here have turned these quiet fishing grounds into a case study.
IISD | 27-sep-2017
La perspective de demandes formulées par des investisseurs étrangers à l’encontre des États dans le cadre du règlement des différends­ investisseur-État (RDIE) conduit-elle à un gel réglementaire ?

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