CIAR Global | 5-May-2021
Andes Petroleum, controlada por petroleras públicas chinas, pretende recobrar su parte de la compensación de cerca de 1.000 millones de dólares que Ecuador le pagó a la estadounidense Occidental Petroleum, procedente del arbitraje de inversiones por la rescisión de un contrato sobre un bloque petrolero en 2006.
CIAR Global | 2-Mar-2021
China dispone de tres meses para ofrecer respuesta a Eugenio Montenero, propietario de H&M Production, empresa ya disuelta, antes de que se dé inicio a un arbitraje. El Festival Anual de Jazz en la isla de Hainan es el protagonista de la reclamación del empresario que vio sus expectativas truncadas ante la cancelación por parte del Gobierno local de la segunda edición programada para 2014.
Interfax | 17-Feb-2021
Chinese investors of PJSC Motor Sich have increased the preliminary cost of claims against Ukraine in international arbitration from $3.5 billion to $3.6 billion.
Ghana Web | 17-Feb-2021
A Chinese-based construction company, Beijing Everyway Traffic and Lighting Tech Co Ltd is claiming USD55 million from Ghana for cancelling a contract it awarded it to develop an intelligent traffic management system for the country.
AsiaPhos | 18-Jan-2021
AsiaPhos has been in discussion with the Chinese Government (since November 2017) for a settlement in relation to the cessation of the mining activities because of the Panda Park.
South China Morning Post | 11-Jan-2021
Draft text shows Beijing looked to withhold telecoms sector benefits to firms from countries with restrictions on Chinese telecoms companies.
Radio Free Liberty | 18-Dec-2020
Chinese investors have brought a $3.5 billion arbitration case against Ukraine for blocking the sale of a strategic aircraft engine maker whose fate Washington is closely following.
Heinrich Böll Foundation | 16-Dec-2020
Given China’s unique position, the study concludes that the EU must ensure that particularly strong protections for EU regulatory policy space are included in any future investment deal.
The Print | 6-Jul-2020
India has a Bilateral Investment Treaty with China since 2007. The treaty provides foreign investors the right to fair and equitable treatment.
Geopolitical Monitor | 5-Jun-2020
Ecuagoldmining’s estimated $20 million investment so far could turn into a $469 million award, should it emerge victorious in an arbitration proceeding.

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