The Guardian | 14-Sep-2023
Eleven countries have already pledged to exit the disastrous international charter treaty. We must join them.
The Indian Express | 28-Aug-2023
As India and the UK inch closer towards finalising a free trade agreement, the contours of the much-debated and contentious bilateral investment treaty are likely to be finalised around the same time as the FTA.
The Guardian | 11-Jul-2023
Climate Change Committee recommends leaving energy charter treaty, which critics say is ‘weaponised’ by fossil fuel firms.
Reuters | 28-Jun-2023
Britain’s investment minister said he would like to see strong investment protections in any future trade deal with India, and that the two countries could work more closely together on financial services even without a trade pact.
CIAR Global | 7-Jun-2023
El conflicto con las isapres -aseguradoras de salud privadas- se agudiza en Chile que ya ha sido notificado por dos aseguradoras, una británica y otra estadounidense, de la intención de acudir a arbitraje de inversiones denunciando desprotección, incertidumbre o inviabilidad financiera.
energy-pedia | 26-Apr-2023
Tribunal orders Rockhopper & Italy to mitigate the risk of non-recoupment by Italy with the anticipation of the Stay being lifted.
The Ecologist | 12-Apr-2023
UK accession to Pacific trade deal empowers fossil fuel firms to sue governments.
The Monitor | 7-Apr-2023
Canada should join Australia and New Zealand in neutralizing lopsided corporate protections in CPTPP.
El Pais | 6-Apr-2023
Andrew Barker, del Alto Tribunal de Londres, ha embargado las cuentas en la capital británica del Instituto Cervantes y de una agencia de la Generalitat de Catalunya por el descenso de las primas a las renovables en España.
Euractiv | 6-Apr-2023
Les plaintes ont été déposées en vertu du Traité sur la charte de l’énergie, une convention internationale qui permet aux entreprises de poursuivre les pays signataires pour des décisions qui affectent leurs investissements dans le secteur de l’énergie.