Jacobin | 6-May-2024
Companies have long used international treaties to try to prevent Global South countries from asserting economic sovereignty. In recent decades, corporations have used such laws to stymie European governments’ attempts to tackle the climate crisis.
Le Vent Se Lève | 6-May-2024
Dès l’indépendance des anciennes colonies européennes, les grandes entreprises extractivistes ont mis en œuvre des mécanismes pour y préserver leurs intérêts économiques.
Comment Central | 18-Mar-2024
Given the breadth of the policy areas that CPTPP accession will impact upon, how can UK membership have been subject to so little public debate? The answer is that the structures via which trade deals are negotiated and ratified are opaque and undemocratic.
RFI | 4-Mar-2024
Le Royaume-Uni a annoncé se retirer du traité sur la Charte de l’énergie et c’est une bonne nouvelle pour le climat. Ce traité permet en effet à une entreprise polluante de poursuivre en justice un Etat si elle juge que sa politique lui est préjudiciable.
Global Justice Now | 27-Feb-2024
On 22 February 2024 the UK announced it will leave the climate-wrecking Energy Charter Treaty.
Bloomberg | 19-Feb-2024
British lawmakers said the benefits of the UK’s accession to a major trans-Pacific trading bloc are unclear
El Diario | 27-Nov-2023
Por la supuesta revocación de concesiones mineras para el proyecto Litio Sonora, Cadence Minerals y su subsidiaria REM México Limited (RMML) emitió una solicitud de consultas y negociaciones al Gobierno de México, informó este jueves la compañía en un comunicado la compañía minera de origen británico.
Cadence Minerals | 21-Nov-2023
Cadence Minerals and its subsidiary REM Mexico Limited have issued a request for consultations and negotiations to the Government of Mexico under the United Kingdom-Mexico Bilateral Investment Treaty.
ImpACT International | 13-Nov-2023
Removing ISDS mechanisms within the CPTPP is a good start, but Britain must protect itself and other nations from its own corporate interests by removing all ISDS mechanisms.
Mint | 3-Nov-2023
India and UK seem to have moved towards common ground on dispute settlement, which was the most controversial part of the bilateral investment treaty.