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Most investor-state disputes (ISDS) have concerned environmental matters. Corporations are using the ISDS system found in trade and investment agreements to challenge environmental policies. As of end of 2019, 41% of all ICSID cases were energy and natural resources-related.

Most well-known cases include:

• Lone Pine Resources (US) vs. Canada: the investor challenged Quebec’s moratorium on the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for natural gas. The provincial government declared the moratorium in 2011 so as to conduct an environmental impact assessment of the extraction method widely accused of leaching chemicals and gases into groundwater and the air. Case pending (NAFTA invoked).

• Bilcon (US) vs. Canada: the US industry challenged Canadian environmental requirements affecting their plans to open a basalt quarry and a marine terminal in Nova Scotia. In 2015 the ISDS tribunal decided that the government’s decision hindered the investors’ expectations. Bilcon won and received US$7 million in damages, plus interest (NAFTA invoked).

• Vattenfall (Sweden) vs. Germany: in 2007 the Swedish energy corporation was granted a provisional permit to build a coal-fired power plant near the city of Hamburg. In an effort to protect the Elbe river from the waste waters dumped from the plant, environmental restrictions were added before the final approval of its construction. The investor initiated a dispute, arguing it would make the project unviable. The case was ultimately settled in 2011, with the city of Hamburg agreeing to the lowering of environmental standards (ECT invoked).

Photo: Kris Krug / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

(March 2020)

UDAPT | 24-Mar-2023
Although the Dutch courts have yet to issue a final ruling on the appeal for annulment filed by the State Attorney’s Office, the Government of Ecuador is already complying with the arbitration award as if it were in force.
CIAR Global | 20-Mar-2023
El Gobierno de Panamá y Minera Panamá han acordado el texto final del contrato de concesión para el proyecto Cobre Panamá.
Le Devoir | 20-Mar-2023
Le promoteur de GNL Québec conteste le rejet du projet, survenu l’an dernier, réclamant au gouvernement canadien des milliards de dollars en compensation et en dommages et intérêts.
Open Democracy | 16-Mar-2023
La extracción masiva del carbón en La Guajira genera beneficios récord mientras la empresa demanda al Estado colombiano para continuar con su proyecto de explotar el río que defienden los indígenas
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Corporations are using trade and investment treaties to handcuff global and national efforts to save the planet. Resistance to the corporate-friendly trade architecture has come from many corners of the globe.
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El próximo 1 de julio fenece el plazo para presentar solicitudes de solución de disputas bajo las reglas del TLCAN, toda vez que a la entrada del vigor del T-MEC, en julio del 2020 se fijó un plazo de transición de tres años para dar cabida al trámite de posibles inconformidades comerciales de los gobiernos de los países socios del tratado o de sus inversionistas.
Radio-Canada | 13-Mar-2023
La demande des promoteurs de GNL Québec et de Gazoduq, qui réclament une indemnisation de 20 milliards de dollars américains au gouvernement du Canada, suscite des questions aux yeux de certains experts.
CBC | 13-Mar-2023
The liquified natural gas companies behind GNL Québec and Gazoduq are claiming $20 billion US in compensation from the government of Canada for pulling the plug on their natural gas liquefaction terminal and gas pipeline projects in Saguenay, Que.
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We can’t be held hostage by a 1990s treaty that allows fossil fuel firms to sue governments.
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Entidades a favor de la protección del medioambiente responsabilizaron al mecanismo de Solución de Controversias Inversionista-Estado, por que instaron al presidente Gustavo Petro a retirarse de un sistema "asimétrico, injusto e inconsistente".

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