News from the movements
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung | 8-Feb-2023
Investor rights in the expired North American Free Trade Agreement continue to undermine democratic decision-making and climate policy in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

AFTINET | 6-Feb-2023
The AFTINET submission provides evidence of the harmful use of ISDS over the last decade against public regulation on health, indigenous rights, the environment and most recently against policies to reduce carbon emissions.
Collectif Stop CETA Mercosur | 3-Feb-2023
Le retrait de la France du Traité sur la Charte de l’Energie sera effectif au 8 décembre 2023, une fois passé le délai d’un an depuis la date où la notification du retrait a été enregistrée.
Public Citizen | 20-Jan-2023
The State Department requested the $15 billion case be thrown out on jurisdictional grounds, as President Joe Biden revoked the permit for the pipeline on his first day in office, long after the US-Mexico Canada Agreement was in effect.
Power Shift | 16-Jan-2023
This briefing highlights the role the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) has played in the German coal phase-out. It reveals that the ECT has influenced the coal phase-out in two important ways.
América Latina Mejor sin TLC | 13-Jan-2023
La Plataforma América Latina Mejor Sin TLC, junto a organizaciones amigas en los Estados Unidos, lanzó una carta abierta a Joe Biden, pidiéndole que elimine el ISDS de los acuerdos de libre comercio y los tratados de inversión existentes en las Américas.
CCPA | 11-Jan-2023
Just before Christmas, Canadian copper miner First Quantum, in an ongoing spat with the Panamanian government over royalties, launched two ISDS cases against the state.
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