RFI | 11-Jun-2024
Près de 114 milliards de dollars, c’est la somme totale que des tribunaux d’arbitrage ont fait payer par des États à des entreprises privées à ce jour.
Counter Punch | 11-Jun-2024
There is an obscure mechanism by which fossil fuel companies maintain their global domination even as their products are destroying our futures.
Common Dreams | 11-Jun-2024
"ISDS is the secret weapon for fossil fuel companies against climate laws," said one advocate.
The Guardian | 6-Jun-2024
More than $100bn of public money has been awarded to private investors in investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) courts, according to the most comprehensive analysis yet.
Sierra Club | 3-Jun-2024
Report urges elimination of ISDS Provisions, calls for stronger trade policies to protect climate.
CAN Europe | 31-May-2024
The Council of the EU adopted a historic decision to withdraw the European Union from the Energy Charter Treaty, an international investment treaty from the 1990s increasingly used by the fossil fuel industry to sue governments over their climate and energy policies.
Zone Bourse | 31-May-2024
Les vingt-sept pays membres de l’Union européenne ont approuvé le retrait de l’UE du traité sur la Charte de l’énergie, jugé contraire aux engagements communautaires pour la réduction des émissions de carbone et la "neutralité" climatique.
The Conversation | 27-May-2024
Peu connu du grand public, le Traité sur la charte de l’énergie (TCE) protège les investissements étrangers dans le domaine de l’énergie des pays signataires… mais sans distinguer les fossiles des renouvelables.
Jacobin | 6-May-2024
Companies have long used international treaties to try to prevent Global South countries from asserting economic sovereignty. In recent decades, corporations have used such laws to stymie European governments’ attempts to tackle the climate crisis.