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M24 | 18-Aug-2020
Entrevistada en InterCambio la politóloga Natalia Carrau, asesora de la Confederación Sindical de las Américas e integrante de REDES – Amigos de la Tierra, explicó cómo los denominados “Tratados de Protección de Inversiones” vulneran la soberanía de los países, atentan contra las democracias y empobrecen a los Estados.
The Guardian | 16-Aug-2020
Governments around the world – including the UK – face a wave of lawsuits from foreign companies who complain that their profits have been hit by the pandemic.
South Centre | 11-Aug-2020
COVID-19 can increase liability for countries under international investment treaties. Developing countries face imminent challenges under such treaties.
Leadership | 10-Aug-2020
Nigeria is undertaking series of reforms of the country’s bilateral investment treaties to attract responsible, inclusive, balanced and sustainable investments.
The East African | 5-Aug-2020
Some of the dispossessed farmers were from countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland whose properties were protected by investment treaties between Harare and the Western countries.
The Business Times | 8-Jul-2020
The current pandemic, and the treaty claims which are likely to stem from it, are a reminder of the importance for ASEAN to be engaged in ongoing discussions at the United Nations of possible reform of the system of investment treaty arbitration.
Financial Express Bangladesh | 7-Jul-2020
Amidst the global risk of ISDS claims, it is incumbent to shed light on Bangladesh’s BIT structure and its feasibility to confront ISDS claims in the backdrop of Covid-19 regulatory space.
The Print | 6-Jul-2020
India has a Bilateral Investment Treaty with China since 2007. The treaty provides foreign investors the right to fair and equitable treatment.
IISD | 1-Jul-2020
Of the 65 states that have received investment law advice from World Bank’s FIAS, 30 subsequently included arbitration in their law.
IISD | 1-Jul-2020
De los 65 Estados que han recibido asesoramiento del sector del Banco Mundial llamado FIAS sobre legislación en materia de inversiones, 30 posteriormente han incluido el arbitraje en su legislación.

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