Agence Europe | 6-Jul-2018
At their 25th bilateral summit, in Brussels on 11 July 2018, the EU and Japan will sign their strategic partnership agreement.
TACD | 22-Jun-2018
TACD’s resolution recommends that rather than pursuing procedural changes through a MIC at the global level, the EU and US should refrain from including investor-state dispute settlement in any form from any agreement.
No al TTIP | 21-Jun-2018
La campaña contra los Tratados de Comercio e Inversión, formada por más de 30 organizaciones de la sociedad civil, se presentó ayer con un objetivo fundamental: que se conozcan y se discutan públicamente los distintos acuerdos con los que la Unión Europea quiere profundizar su política comercial. | 15-Jun-2018
Company is seeking $4.4bn in compensation for alleged losses related to its Rosia Montana gold and silver project, which Romania refused to approve following relentless protests.
Euractiv | 28-May-2018
La décision Achmea met sur la sellette les 196 traités bilatéraux d’investissement qui ont été souscrits entre les États membres de l’Union européenne et les clauses d’arbitrage entre investisseurs et États incluses dans les traités comme le CETA ou la Charte de l’énergie.
Le Figaro | 24-May-2018
Il sera à l’avenir possible de scinder les accords commerciaux en deux pour éviter que les traités puissent être stoppés par un seul Parlement national ou régional, comme ce fut le cas dans le passé pour le Ceta.
European Council | 12-May-2018
EU member states approved the Commission plans to keep investment protection provisions seperate from trade agreements so that they can be approved without the ratification of national or regional parliaments.
IISD | 9-May-2018
A decision by the Federal Court of Canada should spell the end of the NAFTA renegotiation on the investment Chapter of NAFTA, and ignite a renegotiation of the investment chapters of the Canada-EU trade agreement and the CPATPP.
EU Observer | 6-May-2018
Keeping the European project alive requires EU members to abide by the principle of loyalty to European institutions.
TNI | 25-Apr-2018
A key feature of the “modernisation” process is the inclusion of a controversial investment protection chapter with the same characteristics as the one recently included in the Canada-EU trade agreement.

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