Lexology | 31-May-2018
The Netherlands has released a new draft investment treaty for public comment.
Business Standard | 23-May-2018
India may not accept international arbitration orders annulling tax demands on British firms Vodafone Plc and Cairn Energy.
Indian Express | 21-May-2018
The tribunal, headed by Sir Franklin Berman, will hear the government’s objection to tax matters being covered under the Netherlands-India Bilateral Investment Treaty.
Le Monde | 15-Mar-2018
Serait-ce le début de la fin pour les très controversés tribunaux d’arbitrage « ISDS », ces juridictions d’exception qui traitent les litiges entre les multinationales et les Etats ?
EU Law Analysis | 13-Mar-2018
My prediction for CETA and TTIP is that an opinion would be a death sentence for the investment protection provisions, since they are capable of being applied to various aspects of EU law.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 13-Mar-2018
CJEU’s decision in Slovakia v Achmea finally bringing justice to the most recent members of the EU.
No al TTIP | 9-Mar-2018
El Tribunal de Justicia de la UE rechaza el ISDS incluido en los tratados intra europeos Por No al TTIP | 6-3-18 El Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea (TJUE) emitió hoy la sentencia que dictamina que la cláusula arbitral incluida en el Tratado celebrado entre los Países Bajos y Eslovaquia sobre la protección de las inversiones no es compatible con el Derecho de la Unión. El dictamen afecta a otros 195 tratados bilaterales de protección de las inversiones firmados entre los Estados miembro (...)
IELP Blog | 8-Mar-2018
In this short analysis, I will point out the broader implications for the EU’s investment law and policy.
The Slovak Spectator | 7-Mar-2018
Slovakia will no longer have to compensate Achmea B.V., the shareholder of Union ZP health insurer, for €22 million in damage.
Client Earth | 6-Mar-2018
ISDS is not only an unwelcome tool that allows multinational corporations to put pressure on public interest decision-making, it is also incompatible with EU law.

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