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Stop TTIP | 17-Oct-2016
Over 100 law professors from across Europe have come together to send a clear message to EU decision makers demanding the investor protection mechanisms be excluded from TTIP and CETA.
Global Labour Column | 28-Sep-2016
For decades, labour has been fighting purely defensive battles against the neo-liberal trade and investment agenda; we lack an agenda of our own. Lost ground will not be reclaimed on what is fundamentally hostile territory, argues Peter Rossmann of the IUF.
Notas | 16-Sep-2016
Un grupo de manifestantes convocados por la Asamblea “Argentina mejor sin TLC” protestó frente al “Foro de Inversión y Negocios de la Argentina”, convocado por el gobierno para atraer inversiones de grandes compañías extranjeras.
The Nation | 30-Aug-2016
Activists of various NGOs have urged Asean governments to eliminate investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) draft.
Common Dreams | 16-Aug-2016
A major topic of discussion at the World Social Forum in Montreal was the problems with TTIP-style free trade agreements and how we can stop them, writes Nick Dearden
New Internationalist | 9-Aug-2016
As thousands discuss free trade at the World Social Forum in Montreal, Canada’s experience with NAFTA may offer lessons for the Netherlands, writes Niels Jongerius
| 3-Aug-2016
95 civil society organisations strongly and publicly urge countries negotiating the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to reject ISDS in the agreement.
| 22-Jul-2016
Las organizaciones y redes de la sociedad civil que firmamos esta declaración expresamos nuestro rechazo al avance del poder de las empresas transnacionales, que se sustenta en los diferentes tratados de libre comercio e inversiones que existen actualmente en los países de toda América
TTIP Free Zones Europe | 9-Jun-2016
Aristoteli joined a growing movement of local authorities opposed to CETA and TTIP to deny the building of a polluter’s paradise
ATTAC Argentina | 7-Jun-2016
Attac Argentine affirme son opposition à l’annonce faite récemment de l’intention de l’Argentine de payer les sommes réclamées par les entreprises multinationales auprès du CIRDI

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