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Ukrhydroenergo | 7-Jun-2024
The company believes that initiating international arbitration process is the most promising way to compensate for the losses from the terrorist attack on the Kakhovka HPP.
CBC | 21-Aug-2023
Owner of aircraft parked at Toronto’s airport invoking 1989 bilateral investment treaty.
EU Observer | 20-Jul-2023
Russian president Vladimir Putin snatched control of Fortum’s assets. Fortnum will try to recoup its losses via international arbitration.
The Conversation | 23-Jan-2023
A relatively new strategy for China is to challenge national security decisions before international tribunals using a method called investor-state dispute settlement.
Farrer & Co | 16-Nov-2022
This article summarises the legal protections which may be available to investors in times of armed conflict under investment treaty arbitration.
Michigan Journal of International Law | 23-Aug-2022
A recent ICSID tribunal found a developing state liable for breaching the full protection and security obligation due to its inability to protect a foreign investment against terrorist attacks in a remote deserted area.
OpinioJuris | 21-Jul-2022
Unsatisfyingly, ISDS permits international investment law to exist in a vacuum that enables those tasked with adjudicating disputes to turn a blind eye to international humanitarian law norms.
Reuters | 13-May-2022
Russia’s top lender Sberbank initiated investment arbitration proceedings against Ukraine after its parliament approved a presidential decree allowing for the forced seizure of Sberbank-owned assets in the country.
Media Congo | 9-Aug-2021
New evidence from a UN report and a high-profile investor arbitration case is casting a spotlight on Rwanda’s role in sophisticated smuggling networks that extract gold and coltan from Congolese conflict zones and funnel the strategically important minerals illicitly into global supply chains.